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Yitzchok's Toy Box- Therapy Equipment Gemach

Yitzchok’s Toy Box is a resource for therapists and parents to help you identify which items are most suitable for your child. Now, you can ask your child’s therapist to suggest any item that may help your child, without worrying about the time and expense you may face trying out multiple items that may or may not work.

Yitzchok’s Toy Box has a growing inventory of over 200 items available for loan. We also facilitate short-term loans of equipment and toys that are typically used for short periods of time, as well as some items awaiting insurance approval. In short, we help you get the right equipment and toys, at the right time, into the hands of your child.


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How It Works



Receive a recommendation from an OT, PT, or SLP for the therapy toy they feel would benefit your child.



Contact us

Call us or fill out this form to see if the item you are seeking is available to borrow.

*minimal deposit requested




Have your child try out the item and figure out if it’s a good fit.

*Typical loan length is 2-4 weeks. Items that are typically used for the short-term may be borrowed until the child no longer needs it.




Simply return the item to us in the same condition you received it in when you are done. (Your deposit will be returned at this stage.)