Yitzchoks Toy Box

Yitzchok’s Story

When Yitzchok was born on the second day of Rosh Hashanah of 2020, he filled our family with light. He was found to have achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. We knew we were fortunate to have the privilege of raising him. We anticipated helping him accept having a different appearance and face whatever challenges Hashem had designed for him.

Achondroplasia requires significant medical monitoring during the first year of life in order to detect possible acute or chronic medical conditions resulting from the condition. Because there is no treatment for achondroplasia, with the guidance of Daas Torah, Yitzchok participated in a clinical trial that studied a drug aimed at improving the health of children with achondroplasia. As a result, in addition to the standard medical care for achondroplasia that he received at home, Yitzchok traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, ten times, where he was poked and prodded frequently. Medical care, with everything that it involves, was a regular part of his life.

Despite his many medical encounters and frequent traveling, Yitzchok maintained a calm, happy demeanor. He was not easily upset, facing the challenges that presented themselves with a smile. When he was disturbed, he was easily comforted. He soaked up the excitement of our sometimes rambunctious house and his brothers’ love for him. He graciously shared huge smiles with the many people he encountered and bestowed a sense of calm on those who were in his presence.

Yitzchok’s sudden death was a shock to our family and has left a huge void. In starting Yitzchok’s Toy Box, we hope to perpetuate his memory. We find comfort in knowing that this project will help make a difference in the lives of children and families.